Jean Grey for X-Men Apocalypse! (Spoilers Ahead)


Jean Grey 2


X-Men Apocalypse has been announced to hit theaters in the year 2016 following the MARVEL-ous response of X-men Days of Future Past, which has become the highest grossing movie of the X-men franchise, raking in well over 600 million world wide. But what’s been at the front of conversations lately who’s going to make the roster of the next X-men film because, well let’s face it, everyone enjoys the cast of heroes and super villains this franchise has to offer.

Well we can rest assure certain characters because Singer has announced the arrival of them. And one of those characters is Jean Grey, perhaps one of X-men’s most iconic female players.

In the traditional lore, Jean Grey makes up the true X-men first class roster (which also includes Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman) under the alias Marvel Girl. Yeah, I know…not like the movies at all but hey, they’re still amazing to watch. A powerful telepath whose powers are cocooned in mystery due to Xavier establishing pyschic blocks inside her mind, Jean has dealt with issues of controlling her powers throughout the entirety of the X-men franchise. The inability to block out the voices of other minds, struggling with the weight of her telekinetic powers, as well as trying to be an average mutant girl would put a strain on anyone’s mind.


Phoenix 1


Though in the background as a supporting character for the most part, Jean jumps to the forefront of this universe when she is possessed by an entity known as the Phoenix Force while on a voyage in space. Taking on the moniker, the Phoenix, Jean’s powers acquire exponential growth. In addition to her telekinesis and telepathy, she now possess the ability manipulate electromagnetic and cosmic energies, rearrange and disintegrate matter on a subatomic level, and when as the Phoenix, she can create and manipulate ‘cosmic’ flames that can withstand impossible environments such as water or an airless space. But that’s not all! When as the Phoenix, she has the ability to resurrect after death. Yes! DEATH!

Layers of Dark Phoenix


If she seems unbeatable now, you’re in for a rude awakening. Phoenix can lose herself in her powers, being utterly consumed by both them and her emotions and when this happens she becomes the Dark Phoenix. As the Dark Phoenix, not only does her already substantiated powers receive a both but she’s unstoppable. In this state, Jean flew across the galaxy, into another star system, swallowed its sun and destroyed all the planets in the solar system!

Wait! WHAT?! Where was that in the movies?! That would have been awesome to see!

As the Dark Phoenix, she battles her fellow comrades without prejudice and sees herself as an ultimate being (can you argue). The only thing that can penetrate the Dark Phoenix’s hold of Jean Grey’s body is the voice of her husband, Scott Summers, A.K.A Cyclops but even that fails from time to time. Now that definitely would have made for great Big Screen action.

Though she does have relations with Wolverine and Cyclops, that’s not what makes this character so interesting. It’s her entire history and what she goes through! I hope that now with everything reset thanks to DOFP (that is a SPOILER for those who haven’t seen it) I hope they give this character a proper personality.

So what are your thoughts: Are you excited to see one of X-men’s most multi-layered characters back on the big screen with chance of her actually story playing a part in the whole of the cinematic universe? Do you hope to see a proper Phoenix Saga portrayed through Singer’s vision? Whatever you think, the comment box awaits!


Multilayer Jean


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